New Wheel Hub Assembly

My husband is replacing one of the front wheel hub assemblies.  After hearing strange sounds upon making right handed lane changes at highway speeds, we took our Nissan to the shop and were quoted $800+ to fix a front wheel hub.  My husband opted to make the repair himself and about $400 for parts and tools later, he is out there in the garage right now.  I guess this is a repair that isn’t unheard of at 100,000 miles so I am not upset about this one.  But of course I would include it here in my blog.

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No help from Nissan

My husband called Nissan again to file a new case about the timing chain about 4 days ago.  They called back the very next day to say there were still looking at the case.  Then they called again yesterday (Wednesday, although they said they’d call back Tuesday at the latest).  Nissan will not be helping us financially with this issue, even though they KNOW that the timing chains in their vehicles are a HUGE problem.  We have dumped THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars into this vehicle.  And Nissan could care less.  No help at all.  NEVER EVER BUY A NISSAN.  DON’T DO IT!  Seriously beware.

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Timing Chain etc.

Just got our car back from the dealership. (Took 2 days because a few mechanics “called in sick”) Ok. Anyways, they had to fix the timing chain $1300, the Evaporative Vent Control Valve $300, and had to add brake fluid. In the end, the parts cost $316 and the labor was $1295!!! Wow. At least they gave us a rental car for free. We will be calling Nissan about the timing chain issue. Man at the dealership says they won’t recall it because its not a “safety issue”, but they have been known to give assistance to people with this issue. I won’t hold my breath.

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More problems!

Our Check Engine light came on a few weeks ago.  We had it checked out and it turns out there is a “LARGE LEAK” in the evaporative emissions control.  There is still less than 100,000 miles on this vehicle.  Nothing but problems.  We also have to get the brakes checked because the ABS comes on randomly when its not supposed to.  There is also a strange sound that makes us worry that our timing chain is going bad.  The timing chain is an issue for MANY Xterras.  I have a friend with the exact same car, and they had to get their timing chain fixed ($1300).  Nissan knows about this problem with the Xterras, but has never issued a recall.  Nice.

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The Nissan Junk? What?

I see that Nissan is coming out with a new vehicle appropriately named the Nissan “Juke”.  Notice the similarity to the word “Junk”.

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More Junk

Within the last two days I have seen 2 more Nissans broke down on the side of the road. One was in almost the exact same spot where ours broke down. Hopefully they were having all their maintenance work done at the Nissan dealership. Otherwise, the repair bill is coming out of their pocket.

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The nightmare continues!

We had the repair done at AAMCO.  When we picked up the Nissan there was a strange new noise coming from the transmission area.  Kind-of like a squeaking/crunching noise when we drive at low speeds, and especially when there is a heavy load in the car.  The car ran, but the noise was very noticeable.   The mechanic actually got in the car to listen to the noise and said he didn’t hear anything.  (its noticeable, by the way) He actually said that I was only hearing the noise now because we just paid a bunch of money.  He said that the noise was always there.  UM….NO IT WASN’T.  He basically accused me of being an idiot.  Ok, so we will never do business at AAMCO again either.

Anyways, they said we could bring the car in again and they would check it again. So we dropped it off this morning and they already called and said they can’t hear the noise.  Wow.  We are supposed to take it back AGAIN, with a heavy load and let them hear the noise.  Wow.  Pain in the butt.

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