More problems!

Our Check Engine light came on a few weeks ago.  We had it checked out and it turns out there is a “LARGE LEAK” in the evaporative emissions control.  There is still less than 100,000 miles on this vehicle.  Nothing but problems.  We also have to get the brakes checked because the ABS comes on randomly when its not supposed to.  There is also a strange sound that makes us worry that our timing chain is going bad.  The timing chain is an issue for MANY Xterras.  I have a friend with the exact same car, and they had to get their timing chain fixed ($1300).  Nissan knows about this problem with the Xterras, but has never issued a recall.  Nice.


About boycottnissan

I am a stay-at-home mother with 2 beautiful little kids. I am outraged with Nissan. The product AND the service we received were horrible. Don't buy a Nissan.
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