The nightmare continues!

We had the repair done at AAMCO.  When we picked up the Nissan there was a strange new noise coming from the transmission area.  Kind-of like a squeaking/crunching noise when we drive at low speeds, and especially when there is a heavy load in the car.  The car ran, but the noise was very noticeable.   The mechanic actually got in the car to listen to the noise and said he didn’t hear anything.  (its noticeable, by the way) He actually said that I was only hearing the noise now because we just paid a bunch of money.  He said that the noise was always there.  UM….NO IT WASN’T.  He basically accused me of being an idiot.  Ok, so we will never do business at AAMCO again either.

Anyways, they said we could bring the car in again and they would check it again. So we dropped it off this morning and they already called and said they can’t hear the noise.  Wow.  We are supposed to take it back AGAIN, with a heavy load and let them hear the noise.  Wow.  Pain in the butt.


About boycottnissan

I am a stay-at-home mother with 2 beautiful little kids. I am outraged with Nissan. The product AND the service we received were horrible. Don't buy a Nissan.
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