Timing Chain etc.

Just got our car back from the dealership. (Took 2 days because a few mechanics “called in sick”) Ok. Anyways, they had to fix the timing chain $1300, the Evaporative Vent Control Valve $300, and had to add brake fluid. In the end, the parts cost $316 and the labor was $1295!!! Wow. At least they gave us a rental car for free. We will be calling Nissan about the timing chain issue. Man at the dealership says they won’t recall it because its not a “safety issue”, but they have been known to give assistance to people with this issue. I won’t hold my breath.


About boycottnissan

I am a stay-at-home mother with 2 beautiful little kids. I am outraged with Nissan. The product AND the service we received were horrible. Don't buy a Nissan.
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One Response to Timing Chain etc.

  1. Sheryl Ferguson says:

    I had the same problem with the timing chain on my 2007 Nissan Xterra. It was 3 weeks past the warranty period and had 48,300 miles on it. I have tried numerous avenues with Nissan to get them to do the right thing and cover the repair, but I keep getting the same message: “If you had brought your vehicle to the dealer for servicing, they might have caught the problem before your warranty expired. What a load of crap — NO WHERE in the warranty does it say that you are required to bring your vehicle to the dealer for servicing. And they have a known issue — there is a service bullentin out on the timing chain, yet they won’t do the right thing and fix their mechanical defect. I sure won’t be buying another Nissan, nor will I recommend it to anyone I know! I’m thinking of having a bumber sticker made — DON”T BUY A NISSAN!

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