Update on Transmission

We found out today that the bill to have our car fixed will be just under $4,000. That is not cool. But it is $2300 less than what Nissan wanted to do the job. Wow, that is highway robbery, Nissan.

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Beware of Your Nissan!

Welcome to my blog!  This is my first blog and possibly my only one ever.  I just feel like I need to tell the world about my horrible experience with Nissan.  We bought our Nissan Xterra in 2006, brand new.  We were the first and only owners.  Our Nissan has less than 75,000 miles, and we have already had MANY MANY problems with this vehicle.

1)  First off, about a month ago, we had to have the whole rear differential replaced.  We had started hearing bad grinding noises and took the car in to the Nissan dealership to have it checked out.  Nissan told us it it was a bad rear differential and it would be $3,300 for them to fix it.  WOW.   We were upset and they told us to open a claim with Nissan.  After not getting called back for awhile, Nissan told us that they would not stand behind it.  They said it was because we never changed the differential fluid, and it was our fault.  The owner’s manual for the car states that the differential fluid should be replaced if the car is used for off-roading and heavy towing.  Um….I use this car to go to the grocery store and back with my kids.  By the way, my husband’s friend fixed the problem for less than half the price that greedy Nissan wanted.

2) Last week, I was driving down the highway with my mother-in-law and my 2 small children in the back seat.  All of a sudden the car would not accelerate.  I could barely cross 3 lanes of traffic to get off the road.  Everyone was beeping and I almost got side-swiped.  My KIDS were in the car!  We had to get the car towed to the dealership.  This time, the dealership told us that it would be $6,300 to put in a new transmission.  Just a side note, we had the transmission fluid changed at the Nissan dealership just 2 or 3  weeks before and they never told us that anything looked wrong with the fluid or transmission.  Hmmm, thats just a little shady.  Once again, they told us to open a case with Nissan.  We are not going to bother.  Nissan does NOT stand behind their vehicles.  We are getting the transmission fixed elsewhere for about half the cost that greedy Nissan wanted.

3)  Besides these 2 major repairs, we’ve had problems with the tire pressure sensors.  Had to pay to have them fixed.  Heat shields just get loose on the piece of junk and start rattling and clanking like crazy so we have to pay to have them taken off.  The suspension on the Xterra is horrible for a vehicle that is supposed to be designed for “off-road”.  It bottoms out over bumps with even the lightest amount of weight in the car.

I just wanted to let you all know that Nissan has horrible products and even worse customer service.  They charge OUTRAGEOUS prices for repairs.  They say that everything is our fault because we didn’t follow the manual word for word.  Do they mean to say that if we didn’t get the oil changed at exactly every 3,000 miles that the thing will just stop working?  And they won’t admit that they possibly sold us a lemon.  Our car has less than 75,000 miles and it had all these problems. As soon as the transmission is fixed, we are selling our Nissan!!

Please feel free to post your Nissan horror stories.  Let’s unite and let it be recognized that Nissan is not a good company! Terrible cars and horrible customer service!

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